Leonel Sanchez

The Record As The Best Football Palyer For Most Games

Do you know? Leonel Guillermo Sanchez Lineros or simply Leonel Sanchez was one of the important players. Why? He holds the record as the best player for most games. He scored 24 goals in 1995-1968. Now, he is known as the former professional footballer. It means that he does not play football anymore, right? Due to he ever became the most important player for his club, so I am interested in providing an article which takes his story as the topic.

Even though he was a professional footballer but his father was a professional boxer. As mentioned above, he scored 24 goals and four of those goals were at the 1962 World Cup. In this competition, he was the top scorer along with five other players. Although he received numerous offers from well known European clubs like AC Milan, he remained in Universidad de Chile. He finished his career by playing for different Chilean clubs.

Marcelo Salas

Marcelo Salas And His Career

Marcelo Salas was born on December 1974 in Temuco. He is plays for his club as the striker. He recently plays for Chicago Fire in the United State. Due to he always has a good appearance in most games, so he has own track record as the best player. For about 65 appearances, he scored 35 goals. He also ever played for the other club in Argentina and Italy. Of course, those countries are proud of him. During his career, he plays for some clubs in the different year. First off, in 1993-1996, he joined Universidad de Chile, a professional football club. Furthermore, he continued his career by joining River Plate in 1996 to 1998. /h4>

Most people know Juventus club. Before joining with this club in 2001, he played for Lazio for 3 years (1998-2001). I do not know why he finally continued his contract with his club, River Plate. Unfortunately, he signed contract only for two years.

Alexis Sanchez

Second-Expensive Player In Arsenal Club

Do you know something? Basically, I do not like to watch soccer championship. That is why I do not know who Alexis Sanchez is. When accessing an internet and try to find the information about this player, I like the smile of this guy although I see it through an image. Alexis, we can call his name simply, was born 27 years ago. Yes, he is the young footballer, but he has the fantastic fee. After signing for Arsenal in July 2014, it was reported that his fee around £35 million. Now, he is reported as the second-most expensive player in that club after Mesut Ozil.

Well, there is fact that to be famous and rich person, you should not become an actor. By becoming football player, you have the chance to be rising star with your own track record. Do you want to get the fee as expensive as Alexis? Show your ability in playing the football. Finally, you will get what you expect.

Ivan Zamorano Is Regarded As One Of The Chile's Most Recognized Footballers

You are right! Ivan Zamorano is 49 years old, but he is known as the retired football player. It means that he does not continue his football career again. Along with Marcelo Salas and Elias Figueroa, he is regarded as one of the Chile's most recognized footballers. In 1998, he played in the World Cup during becoming a member of the Chilena national team. On the other hand, he played for four Copa America tournaments. With Real Madrid, he won the 1994 La Liga as the top scorer.

For his first international career, his debut was in 1987 at the age of 20. Scoring a goal in a 3-1 friendly win is what he did against Peru. He also created more goals in the different championship. Scoring five goals in the World Cup qualifier added his track record. In addition, he was capped 69 times with total 34 goals during his career.


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